Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas—craft style

Winter Bazaar

Well, I should say this is KIND OF a craft.  But isn’t crafting just a way to do fun kid stuff while you are a grown-up?  But I love the crafting part where you get to include your kids.  And what better way to do that but when the holidays come around. 

 For Thankgiving dinner fun, I like to take the kids (now I have 2 so it is alittle more fun) outside and look for harvest-y looking stuff.  You know what I am talking about—leaves that have fallen from the trees, maybe some corn stalks from a local farmer, some great smelling herbs, maybe some flowers that have managed to survive the cold, maybe an old bird’s nest. 

For your Thanksgiving display or just to look really neat on your table, you can arrange all that stuff.  It is a conversation piece for all the grandparents who come over.  They LOVE to tell the kids how awesome they are for doing that display “all by themselves.”  I also like to grab extra leaves and make them the place setting cards.  If you can find large enough leaves and a fine tip black marker, you can put everyone’s name on a leaf.  They will think you are the craftiest mom ever!  Too bad you won’t get an award for all your crafty hard work.  But maybe the memories your kids will have is award enough.

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One response to “Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas—craft style

  1. This year I bought some gourds and put them in a bowl and it completely stumped my kids. “Do we have to eat them?” “How are you going to cook them?” “What do they taste like?” and each time when I assured them that they were just for show it just didn’t sink in. I guess the fear of having to eat something green and lumpy was too much for their ears.

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