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Winter Bazaar

Winter BazaarHappy New Year everyone.  Welcome back.  I know I am glad to be back blogging everyday.  Boy did I miss it…bad!

But on to my idea.  If you read any of my blogs, you know that we have 4 kids, including a 9 month old pair of twins…yea…I know.  Once they were born, it was hard to pay any quality one-on-one time with our oldest (he is 5).  But he loves games, learning, and getting stuff.  So we “made” an Award Board on the back wall of our living room wall.  This board is only for him.  He get certificates when he cleans his room without being asked, being a good helper, brushing his teeth.  His most recent awards are because he was having school withdrawal.  He searched out 2 workbooks he knew we had, and finished them–cover to cover.  I had to leave him alone because he was “learning”.  You bet he got 2 certificates.  This Award Board lets him know we are always thinking of him and helps him to get ideas on how to get new ones.

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PS–It is kind of the middle of the nite here when I took the picture.  Everyone is asleep so I kept the lites off when I took the picture.  But you get the idea.

Winter Bazaar–snowflakes

Winter BazaarHello everyone.  ok…I love christmas.  I wanted to decorate the house and for little to no money.  My hubby was kind enough to show me and our oldest son how to make snowflakes.  I had a step by step picture I hope I can describe for you as to how to make them.  They are so easy but kind of time consuming.  I did have about 15 different snowflakes to show you but our daughter was kind enough to rip them up…oh well.

  1. Get a regular piece of typing paper.
  2. Fold it in such a way that it goes over itself, meets on one side, and makes a point.
  3. Fold it over again to make a triangle.  You will have some excess on the bottom.
  4. Now cut that excess off.
  5. Fold one of the bottom points over so it meets in the middle.  The top point should still be at a point.  The bottom point should be hanging over, so to speak.
  6. Do the same with the other bottom point.
  7. Now flip it over…and where you see the paper edge…cut the excess bottom points off.
  8. Now you are left with an even smaller, yet thicker, triangle.
  9. Now start cutting….you can cut any design you want….experiment.  I just took a picture of the one I made.
  10. Now you can unfold it and TADA….you have a magical snowflake.
  11. I included pictures of the snowflakes that survived my daughter’s hands.

Now go and see what other Christmas goodies you can do over at Scribbit’s blog….well…Christmas is over 2 weeks away…you may have time.



Winter Bazaar

I love Christmas.  Well, I love all the holidays.  My husband, not so much.  But I like to think he loves that I love Christmas.  Anyway, when we got together, I wanted to have a Christmas tradition that was just for us…a new tradition.  We actually stumbled on this one bored and quiet night.


Oh, they are so good.  They are simple but are time consuming–and so worth it.

  • Start with good quality rippled potatoe chips…must be rippled.
  • Then get some chocolate.  I use 1 bag of chocolate chips with one tablespoon of crisco.
  • Get a little basting brush.  Go on…get one.
  • Melt the chocolate and crisco in a double boiler…or a big bowl of slowly boiling water with a small bowl that fits on top of-but not in big bowl-for choc. and crisco.  Don’t forget to stir once in awhile so chocolate doesn’t burn.
  • While choc. is melting, pick out the best and biggest chips to use.
  • Lay out wax paper…you will need alot of space for the choc. covered chips to cool.
  • Once melted, take chip, dip only half way, and brush off excess chocolate.
  • You can vary anyway you want–more choc. covering–more choc. on chip—etc.
  • You should let them cool before you eat them but I bet you all the chocolate in the world you can’t wait.

We make this every year and they never seem to last to Christmas day.  Once you make them, you will find out why!  Now go check out Scribbit and find more awesome Christmas traditions…who knows…maybe you and yours can find a new tradition to start.

Winter Bazaar

Winter BazaarAlright everyone, tis the season to get into christmas.  I love Christmas.  I think it may be my favorite holiday.

When I was a kid, my parents would take us to Hallmark to buy a Christmas ornament every year.  Yea…we have alot of ornaments.  I did manage to collect all of one plate series and a doll ornament set.  But now that I have my own kids, I wanted to do ornaments but I wanted to be more craftsy about it.

This year we are doing something simple, due to the fact that my 2 oldest are only 5 and 1 1/2.  So we are doing cookie cutter ornaments.

This is very simple and your kids can help you every step of the way.  So go to almost any store–a craft store would probably have a bigger selection.  Find some fantastic Christmas cookie cutters.  Now you have to go and find some gotta-have-it ribbon.  Let your kids each choose their own ribbon.  Don’t forget the puffy paint to label whose ornament is whose.

Then, when you get home you can put these together, lickity-split.  Just help your little ones cut the ribbon and tie it to their cookie cutter ornament.  Label and let dry and there you go.  Simple and awesome.  Now go and see what other artsy fartsy stuff is at the Winter Bazaar!

Winter Bazaar

Winter BazaarOk…so I know cooking and recipes are not exactly artsy fartsy…but they are fantastic…so on with the show.  This is a short one and sounds wierd but, trust me, it is sssssssssssssoooooooooo yummy.

  • First start out with a crock pot.
  • Now put a bunch of little smokies in it…it is up to you as to how many you want.
  • Then get out a bunch of your favorite BBQ sauce…I use Famous Daves Rich & Sassy or Sweet & Zesty.
  • Then get out a full jar of grape jelly.
  • Ok…now there is not official amounts….you do kind of have to put some in…let warm up…taste…put more in…warm…taste.
  • I usually—that is a loose usually–have probably a 3:1 ratio of BBQ to grape jelly.
  • I know it sounds wierd but you just have to try it.
  • You can also use meatballs…you can buy them in a bag at the grocery store.

Now good luck and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


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Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas—craft style

Winter Bazaar

Well, I should say this is KIND OF a craft.  But isn’t crafting just a way to do fun kid stuff while you are a grown-up?  But I love the crafting part where you get to include your kids.  And what better way to do that but when the holidays come around. 

 For Thankgiving dinner fun, I like to take the kids (now I have 2 so it is alittle more fun) outside and look for harvest-y looking stuff.  You know what I am talking about—leaves that have fallen from the trees, maybe some corn stalks from a local farmer, some great smelling herbs, maybe some flowers that have managed to survive the cold, maybe an old bird’s nest. 

For your Thanksgiving display or just to look really neat on your table, you can arrange all that stuff.  It is a conversation piece for all the grandparents who come over.  They LOVE to tell the kids how awesome they are for doing that display “all by themselves.”  I also like to grab extra leaves and make them the place setting cards.  If you can find large enough leaves and a fine tip black marker, you can put everyone’s name on a leaf.  They will think you are the craftiest mom ever!  Too bad you won’t get an award for all your crafty hard work.  But maybe the memories your kids will have is award enough.

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Halloween Treat Bags

Winter Bazaar

I am sharing about my Halloween Treat Bags.  They are very simple to make.  We used them for treats at my son’s school.  I just baked some Halloween cookies (as you can see–a daddy ghost ate one).  Then I decorated paper bags with a Halloween character and put names on all the bags.  That was it.  It did take me all afternoon but it was so worth it!

 Check out my pictures