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Christmas Traditions

candy-stick-256x256.pngChristmas is the yummiest time of the year.  I really love traditions that involve food.  But I love Christmas in general.  I always have. I was the one that always hung the stockings by the chimney with care (well, more like up on a nail on the wall with care).  I even wrapped my own christmas presents.  My parents just put my presents in big boxes.  There is one tradition that my parents had that I still do today.

We made chili on Christmas Eve.

Yea, I know it seems like a silly tradition.  But it was something I did look foward to at Christmas time.  It would cook all day ( my mom always made it from scratch…i cheat…mine is from a can…but it is chili).  She would make extra spicey for her and my dad and would make a whole other separate pot for me and my brother.  When my brother got a girlfriend that didn’t eat chili, I thought she was going to pass out.  But fear not.  My mom found a white chicken chili recipe for her…and it is delish.  But she will not give it to me….dang her…dang her to heck.  I really love this tradition and I wanted to share it. 

What kind of traditions do you and your family do?  What traditions did you do as a child?  What do you think would make a fantastic tradition?

Winter Bazaar

Winter BazaarAlright everyone, tis the season to get into christmas.  I love Christmas.  I think it may be my favorite holiday.

When I was a kid, my parents would take us to Hallmark to buy a Christmas ornament every year.  Yea…we have alot of ornaments.  I did manage to collect all of one plate series and a doll ornament set.  But now that I have my own kids, I wanted to do ornaments but I wanted to be more craftsy about it.

This year we are doing something simple, due to the fact that my 2 oldest are only 5 and 1 1/2.  So we are doing cookie cutter ornaments.

This is very simple and your kids can help you every step of the way.  So go to almost any store–a craft store would probably have a bigger selection.  Find some fantastic Christmas cookie cutters.  Now you have to go and find some gotta-have-it ribbon.  Let your kids each choose their own ribbon.  Don’t forget the puffy paint to label whose ornament is whose.

Then, when you get home you can put these together, lickity-split.  Just help your little ones cut the ribbon and tie it to their cookie cutter ornament.  Label and let dry and there you go.  Simple and awesome.  Now go and see what other artsy fartsy stuff is at the Winter Bazaar!

Support our troops—craft style!


So this post is kind of artsy fartsy…if you check out the site…it really is…I promise. 

Support our troops. Even if you don’t support the war, it is important to support those men and women who feel they are fighting to protect freedom and liberty for humanity. The easiest way to do that this holiday season is to send them a Christmas card. You can pick different cards that have different sayings. You can even make your own greeting. You can’t pick a certain soldier to send one to, but you know whichever soldier gets your card, he/she will share it with their whole camp. So, please, sign up to mail Christmas cards so our troops. They need all the support and love we can send them this holiday season.


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