Christmas Traditions

candy-stick-256x256.pngChristmas is the yummiest time of the year.  I really love traditions that involve food.  But I love Christmas in general.  I always have. I was the one that always hung the stockings by the chimney with care (well, more like up on a nail on the wall with care).  I even wrapped my own christmas presents.  My parents just put my presents in big boxes.  There is one tradition that my parents had that I still do today.

We made chili on Christmas Eve.

Yea, I know it seems like a silly tradition.  But it was something I did look foward to at Christmas time.  It would cook all day ( my mom always made it from scratch…i cheat…mine is from a can…but it is chili).  She would make extra spicey for her and my dad and would make a whole other separate pot for me and my brother.  When my brother got a girlfriend that didn’t eat chili, I thought she was going to pass out.  But fear not.  My mom found a white chicken chili recipe for her…and it is delish.  But she will not give it to me….dang her…dang her to heck.  I really love this tradition and I wanted to share it. 

What kind of traditions do you and your family do?  What traditions did you do as a child?  What do you think would make a fantastic tradition?

One response to “Christmas Traditions

  1. Chili on Christmas eve is a great tradition. I bet if you did a search online for White Chili, you’d find a recipe you like…

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