Winter Bazaar

I love Christmas.  Well, I love all the holidays.  My husband, not so much.  But I like to think he loves that I love Christmas.  Anyway, when we got together, I wanted to have a Christmas tradition that was just for us…a new tradition.  We actually stumbled on this one bored and quiet night.


Oh, they are so good.  They are simple but are time consuming–and so worth it.

  • Start with good quality rippled potatoe chips…must be rippled.
  • Then get some chocolate.  I use 1 bag of chocolate chips with one tablespoon of crisco.
  • Get a little basting brush.  Go on…get one.
  • Melt the chocolate and crisco in a double boiler…or a big bowl of slowly boiling water with a small bowl that fits on top of-but not in big bowl-for choc. and crisco.  Don’t forget to stir once in awhile so chocolate doesn’t burn.
  • While choc. is melting, pick out the best and biggest chips to use.
  • Lay out wax paper…you will need alot of space for the choc. covered chips to cool.
  • Once melted, take chip, dip only half way, and brush off excess chocolate.
  • You can vary anyway you want–more choc. covering–more choc. on chip—etc.
  • You should let them cool before you eat them but I bet you all the chocolate in the world you can’t wait.

We make this every year and they never seem to last to Christmas day.  Once you make them, you will find out why!  Now go check out Scribbit and find more awesome Christmas traditions…who knows…maybe you and yours can find a new tradition to start.

2 responses to “WINTER BAZAAR

  1. Oh Yeah. I’m definitely going to try those. My all time favorite treat is dipping my french fries in a chocolate shake. Mmmmmm….

  2. Oh my goodness–that’s just wild! It reminds me of hearing about deep-friend Twinkies. 🙂

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