Winter Bazaar

Winter BazaarOk…so I know cooking and recipes are not exactly artsy fartsy…but they are fantastic…so on with the show.  This is a short one and sounds wierd but, trust me, it is sssssssssssssoooooooooo yummy.

  • First start out with a crock pot.
  • Now put a bunch of little smokies in it…it is up to you as to how many you want.
  • Then get out a bunch of your favorite BBQ sauce…I use Famous Daves Rich & Sassy or Sweet & Zesty.
  • Then get out a full jar of grape jelly.
  • Ok…now there is not official amounts….you do kind of have to put some in…let warm up…taste…put more in…warm…taste.
  • I usually—that is a loose usually–have probably a 3:1 ratio of BBQ to grape jelly.
  • I know it sounds wierd but you just have to try it.
  • You can also use meatballs…you can buy them in a bag at the grocery store.

Now good luck and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


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One response to “Winter Bazaar

  1. Oh sometimes the weird recipes are the ones that are magic–I’ll try it!

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